about us?

Hello! Welcome to my store!! I'm Cris, the creator of Strawbebi Shop and I live in La Coruña, Spain. Since I was little I have been fascinated by creating my own accessories, the simple fact of wearing your own creations makes me happy

The pandemic gave me the opportunity to create this beautiful project, so I started to get down to work in mid-August 2020 and finally in October I was able to open a little store in a shopping app and that's how Strawbebi Shop was born.

I had incredible support on the networks, which gave me the opportunity to continue growing, take a bigger step and be able to open this website in February 2021.

My career so far has been literally a dream, seeing people in different corners of the world wearing my jewelery fills me with life. I am super grateful for each person who has supported me, even with a simple like or a comment, thanks to each one of you I can continue doing what I love

I hope you love my store, I have put a lot of love into it
-Cris 💗